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About The Dream

Well this is it.

Started from someone telling me it wouldn't work "that everyone has a seed bank".

The spark was lit now you the patron can select the finest seeds that i can source and soon enough spores as well.

I am a horticulturalist with an obsession for plants and the Eco-system and how it all interconnects.

You can be assured that i have taken the time and done the research to provide a product the is of the best quality.

My goal here is to bring the best quality seeds to the public at the most reasonable prices you will find in Australia.

I am building a huge network of seed producers and cutting out the middle man, this allows me to offer better prices for you the patrons of my website.

Nothing illegal is sold on this website, (I.E. tobacco seeds) due to changes in the law this item cannot be sold online in Australia at all, if it is illegal we will not stock it.

Nor do we contribute, or condone any illegal activities.

We also will not sell to any one under the age of 18 years old, by purchasing from our site you acknowledge that you are over the age of 18.

- Pat