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Legal Disclaimer



The Seed Factory

legally sells hemp/cannabis seeds as agricultural souvenirs for collectable and topical use ONLY.

Germination of Cannabis seeds is illegal in most states, The Seed Factory sells cannabis seeds as a collectable adult genetic preservation souvenir only.

We refuse to sell cannabis seeds to anyone we have reason to believe is going to cultivate them in a state or territory where it is illegal to cultivate them

The Seed Factory does not wish to introduce anyone to act in conflict with the law. All persons who purchase seeds are responsible for their actions in the future.

The Seed Factory will accept no responsibility in this respect, All information contained on The Seed Factory website and any promotional material or packaging is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to condone, promote or incite the use or cultivation of illegal and/or controlled substances.

While possession and storage for conservation of seeds is allowed, germination & growing of some plants is still ILLEGAL in parts of Australia so please familiarise yourself with your state/national laws before purchasing.

This site is 18+ only and we have the right to refuse service to anyone we believe is going to use this service for illegal activities.

Information and graphic material provided on this site is directly from the breeder themselves and is used only as educational and collector value information.


All ''Active'' spores sold are for Microscopy Educational use only, it is not legal to cultivate mushrooms in Australian borders but the spores themselves are allowed to be studied.

We are not responsible for what you do with the product once it is in your possession.